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Code of Conduct

Risk Management

In running its business, the Company is faced with various risks as explained in Chapter VI Prospectus on Risk Factors. To minimize this risk, the Company undertakes:

  • to overcome dependence on the Principal, the Company has managed to foster good relations with the Principal and achieved the sales target of the Principal, because the Company has a reliable sales force and extensive distribution network in major cities throughout Indonesia. Likewise the Principal is also very dependent on the ability of the Company to distribute products entrusted by the Principal to the Company;
  • to anticipate technological changes, the Company adapts and consistently follows each technological change with various efforts, including: encouraging the Company's experts to take part in the latest technology training, participating in information technology industry exhibitions both at home and abroad, networking and interacting with staff experts from the Principal and the Principal's research and development center;
  • in facing business competition, the Company maintains customer relations and trust, as well as providing attractive sales programs at competitive selling prices. The Company also expands its customer network through collaboration with SI Channel in Jakarta and outside the city, to reach the needs of the private and Government information technology markets;
  • To overcome the limitations of HR in the field of information technology, the Company collaborates with Universities and Colleges of Information Technology in Indonesia to reach new workers in their fields, as well as improve the quality of HR by conducting periodic training both at home and abroad, so as to be able to provide services in accordance with the latest developments in information technology;
  • related to licensing, the Company always fulfills the regulated requirements, manages the administration of licensing documents well and conducts periodic reviews; and
  • related to investment risk or corporate action, communicating with all stakeholders, and providing transparent and planned information on the corporate action plan and / or the Company's investment plan.

The Company carries out risk control to obtain effective performance, including management of market risk and credit risk. Thus every decision taken always refers to the results of the analysis of the results of the implementation of the Company's risk management. Compliance and internal control processes are monitored through the SOP guidelines set by the Company.