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4 Actions to Drive Cost Savings and Flexibility

4 Actions to Drive Cost Savings and Flexibility

Action 1: Audit your print devices. We work together with our partner to provide a free assessment of customer's fleet print usage. And help to provide a recommendation based on data and insights from our Industry Consultant.

Here is brief info to know more. Or you can contact Galva Technologies to set up a one-on-one call to know more.

Action 2: Streamline your paper documents by having less copies. Although you may hear about going digital to become paperless, it is not possible with transaction documents like forms, invoices, contract, etc as the digital document can be forged and there is no universal accepted security. Not saying it will never be secure, but while waiting we need immediate solutions. The intermedium solution is to only print original paper transaction documents for safe keeping, while daily operation can use the digital document instead of each department having a paper copy. This helps to cut down cost, improve security and increase flexibility.

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Action 3: Constant monitoring (CFM/Markvision). Working from home has become a necessity in the new business normal. Although it has helped businesses to move forward, it has also helped to increase hacking. Due to difficulty in managing a print fleet or lack the expertise to manage them. Lexmark has been in the print security business for more than a decade. Hence, allowing you to manage your print fleet from anywhere, to provide real-time analytics to know where your usage and vulnerability are. And having Ransomware is costly.

Find out more about using Cloud Technology or On-Premise using server.
Action 4: Future proof your investments (CPM / Intentional Engineering). The challenge of managing cost and being flexible to meet customer needs can be a daunting task. This can be overcome by maximizing your investment by prolonging the use of your devices. And the use of future proof technology that can meet your business growth or changes.
To know more about how we torture our device to prolong its life: Intentional Engineering
Image not having a print server to worry about expanding your business in the future: Lexmark Cloud Print Manager

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