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Press Release


Jakarta, 1 April 2024 - Notified to the wider public, in connection with the circulation of fraudulent information from irresponsible parties on behalf of and/or using fake accounts and websites/attributes/logos of PT Galva Technologies Tbk ("the Company"), we urge the public to always be careful and be alert to all types of fraud under the guise of investment with high and unreasonable returns, or in the process of recruitment and selection of prospective employees by charging fees on behalf of the Company.

We inform you that PT Galva Technologies Tbk never charges any fees in the recruitment process at all stages and does not offer any investment mode in any form.

Fraudulent media used by irresponsible parties can vary, from social media to group communities on messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram on behalf of employees of PT Galva Technologies Tbk.

For this reason, if you get the information and notifications that we conveyed above, in order to reconfirm with us through the official website and contact PT Galva Technologies Tbk, as follows:

Website :
Telephone : 021-3456650 / 3511677
E-mail :

We also inform you that we do not have an official website, social media or platforms other than those mentioned above.

That PT Galva Technologies Tbk is not responsible for any material or immaterial losses suffered by the aggrieved parties in connection with the misuse of the Company's name and identity.

That PT Galva Technologies Tbk is a public company that is very open to all information to be known by the public so that therefore every transaction activity or anything is also informed to the public through the website:

Thus this announcement is made to be an appeal and concern to all communities and interested parties.

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